We have joined Business Declares

Fluid Ice FO Ltd declares a Climate and Ecological emergency. Sustainability has always been the inherent focus of our organisation and was in fact the reason why Fluid Ice was founded in the first place. Our name, Fluid Ice, is an homage to the icebergs that are melting due to the environmental tragedy that is global warming. In order to combat the numerous disastrous effects of the climate emergency, we are proud to be joining ‘Business Declares’ and their network of like-minded businesses. Given that our main operation is the production of renewable products from waste tyre material, we align our practices with the goal of reaching net zero carbon emissions by the year 2030, thus ensuring we are an environmentally sustainable business. Furthermore, we are glad to say that our goal of reaching net zero will aid with the maintenance of a thriving biodiversity on our planet, something that is threatened by the climate emergency. We look forward to sharing our progress and ensuring that our voice is a part of the collective, resounding call for change. As part of a coalition of the willing, we relish the opportunity to accelerate action towards the United Nations’ global goal of reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2050, as well as the duty to highlight the challenges that come with adhering to this goal.

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