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in the renewable / environmental sector with an ESG focus
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The Concept: In the polar regions of the world, icebergs are melting at such a rapid rate that there is no longer the gradual ‘drip drip’ of a slow melt – but rather chunks of ice sliding into the ocean – what one could call ‘Fluid Ice’.

Although there is empirical evidence and intellectual debates about ‘global warming’ (and the decline, or melting, of the polar regions), the founder of Fluid Ice FO goes beyond this debate and is looking to promote projects that contribute to a positive living environment.

Fluid Ice FO is a small firm that establishes their own proprietary projects and builds businesses, and actively participates in the management and advancement of said companies under their umbrella.

The objective of Fluid Ice FO is not only to fund environmentally focused projects and make investments, but also to introduce like minded people and work with institutions in order to aid in their growth and development.

‘There is a Native American saying:
“We haven’t inherited this planet from our parents, we borrowed it from our children”

But we haven’t borrowed it from our children, we’ve been stealing it. We’re still stealing it.’

– Jane Goodall

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