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Fluid Ice invests in and builds businesses focused on the renewable energy space. Fluid Ice focuses primarily on its own proprietary businesses and operating these businesses.

Wasted Tyres

Material Recovery

The disposal of waste automotive tires is a growing environmental problem worldwide. The difficulty in recycling waste tires is that the rubber tire is a crosslinked polymer. Therefore, the disposal method has been via landfill or open dumping. Fluid Ice is engaged in Pyrolysis, this process of thermal degradation recovers the carbon black and steel in tyres and converts the rubber to a partially renewable oil. The oil can be converted to Biofuel, whilst high-quality recycled Carbon Black (rCB) can be re-used in rubber products including new vehicle tyres. End of Life Tyres have a similar calorific value as high-quality coal, due to this, end-of-life tyres are used as an alternative to fossil fuels, to create renewable energy. During Oil refinement three fractions are yielded. The first is characteristic of a light heating oil, the second is similar to gasoline and the third is bitumen.

Biomass Boiler Images

Renewable Energy

The renewable energy sector is a fast-growing, innovative, and exciting industry that has a breadth of opportunities as the world moves away from Fossil Fuels.   Fluid ice is invested in alternative energy businesses that use alternatives and substitutes to fossil fuels.

Wall of Plants

Real Estate

We manage a diverse real-estate portfolio across the London Area. Using our local contacts and expertise we are able to provide a discreet, confidential and highly quality service internally and to clients who, for whatever reason, require an expert to act on their behalf.

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